Strategies to Manage Pain

The Becoming Center is excited to offer a four-week Chronic Pain Program led by Kiley, a highly experienced exercise physiologist in the treatment of chronic pain.

Please join us for an information session on Wednesday, October 17th at 1:30pm in the yoga room at the BC!

The Chronic Pain Program will include strengthening, stretching and pool exercises targeting areas of common chronic pain – knee, hip, shoulder, neck, and back. We will also be teaching a variety of coping and pain management strategies throughout the program.

Where: The Becoming Center

Wednesdays from 12-1pm for four weeks - from October 24th to November 14th

$99 for 4 weeks for the first 8 that sign up!
After that, $179 for 4 weeks

Space is limited and interest is very high, so register now!
Contact Kiley Sharp