Becoming Informed!

Wednesday, August 16 @ 1:30pm

Join Liz Quinlisk PT, RYT for a discussion on how yoga can help you relax and reduce your stress level. We all experience stress in our lives and sometimes the cumulative effects of stress can overwhelm and deplete us, causing unpleasant symptoms that can manifest in a variety of ways: insomnia, pain, anxiety, illness, and more. The practice of yoga provides a path for us to deal with this stress and works on the body, mind and spirit.
We will practice of some simple chair-based yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques designed to help you tap into your true nature of peace and stillness. You will go home with some simple practices that you can use to help you relax and deal with everyday stressors.
No previous experience of yoga is necessary and all are welcome!
Liz Quinlisk is a licensed physical therapist, certified shiatsu practitioner and yoga instructor who has been working here at the Becoming Center for over 16 years. She discovered the importance of integrating and attending to the mind, body and spirit in order to heal, while going through treatments for breast cancer 19 years ago. This experience inspired Liz to learn and study mind-body therapies and integrate them into her personal practice as well as into her professional practice as a physical therapist.

No reservations required. Call 215-643-9908 or email for more information.