Meet Our Team

The Becoming Center’s degreed and certified fitness professionals provide you with personalized fitness evaluation and training on our state-of-the-art exercise equipment and in our diverse wellness classes.
Meet our team:

Director of The Becoming Center

Contact: [email protected]

Since 2016, Anthony has been transforming lives as director of The Becoming Center. In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations, he is committed to providing the best experience possible while helping members reach their fitness goals.

Anthony takes pride in helping people improve their quality of life through a variety of group fitness programs and individual training sessions. As a firm believer that exercise plays a critical role in preventative health care, he works with members to create dietary and fitness plans that meet their individual needs and lifestyles. Whether it is for overall health, muscle toning, cardiovascular training, or any other area of healthy living, each plan is customizable to help members reach their goals.

Above all, Anthony looks forward to motivating and working with members to improve their health and wellbeing. He is passionate about being able to help people realize the benefits of everything The Becoming Center has to offer!

Anthony received his Bachelor of Arts in business administration from Delaware Valley University. He is also a certified personal trainer (American College of Sports Medicine), senior fitness specialist (American Council on Exercise), certified nutrition coach (Precision Nutrition), and certified pool operator.

Exercise Physiologist

Contact: [email protected]

Kiley, an exercise physiologist at The Becoming Center, specializes in working with members who are confronted with chronic pain and balance issues. Her dedication and insight is a true asset for people at all levels of physical activity and health. Every day, Kiley helps members develop individualized, safe, and effective exercise routines.

As a certified PWR Moves! instructor, she teaches and implements safe and effective Parkinson-specific exercises for people with Parkinson’s in a small group setting.

For Kiley, exercise is about healing. She is committed to helping members manage their symptoms so they can lead fulfilling lives. According to Kiley, the best part of her job is knowing that the people she helps can return to their day-to-day activities with a renewed sense of optimism and enjoyment.

With a Bachelor of Science in exercise science & health promotion from Cabrini University, Kiley is pursuing a Master of Public Health at Arcadia University.

Fitness Coordinator & Exercise Physiologist

Contact: [email protected]

As the fitness coordinator and an exercise physiologist at The Becoming Center, Jill helps members realize the benefits of improving their health and quality of life, while also overcoming challenges. In addition to providing the highest level of service to every member, she works individually with those who have orthopedic issues, including members who need or have received orthopedic joint replacements.

As a certified CDC Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle coach, Jill also meets weekly with small groups for The Center’s 16-week Diabetes Prevention and Management Course. By focusing on physical activity and creating healthy eating habits, they strive to reduce the risk of developing diabetes and managing its effects following a diagnosis.

She is also a PWR Moves! instructor. Within this program, she teaches and implements safe and effective Parkinson-specific exercises for people within a small group setting.

Jill sees her job as more than just getting members in shape. She prides herself on helping them build the confidence they need to enjoy physical activity within their everyday life. For Jill, exercise creates more than a healthy body – it creates a healthy mind.

With a Bachelor of Science in exercise science and health promotion from Cabrini College, and a Master of Science in exercise and sports physiology from West Chester University, Jill is pursuing her MBA at Villanova University.

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